Words AI Friends Classic

Words AI Friends Classic

By AK Games (Эрудит Сканворды и Кроссворды)

Words AI Friends ClassicWords AI Friends ClassicWords AI Friends ClassicWords AI Friends ClassicWords AI Friends Classic

Words AI Friends Classic is a popular words sport which you can play offline. No web required. But if you want, you can play online.

- Play offline vs pc, 4 difficulty levels.

- Play words with family and friends members. Stats for each player stores.

- Use phrase finder with words description in recreation, works solely on-line.

- New day by day tasks, solve day by day puzzles better than everyone else, and be first in rank.

- Play solo with pals offline, online, on identical gadget or bluetooth / internet

- Game for 2, one device cut up display.

- Online stats in ranked games

- Online Acheivements: play strong and your outcomes will see everyone.

- Light quick and not overloaded UI

- 4 Dictonaries

In Words With AI Offline Games you can play basic phrases guidelines or Egghead , Erudit (Extended model of classic sport guidelines the place you'll be able to put any amount of phrases in one turn.)

Words Offline With AI:

Four dictionaries (OSPD5,SOWPODS, TWL6, Common Nouns )

-Different customizable rules.

-Set time restrict (for offline games)

-Set score limit (for offline games)

-Advanced guidelines model of this recreation: Erudit (or Egghead). (online or offline games)

-Elo (Chess) score system for on-line games (only online)


Play recreation solo (offline), with associates (split screen) bluetooth or internet (online)

4 level of offline recreation problem , in straightforward stage AI select most used phrases. In hard - it could use whole full dictionary and predict participant moves..

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