Astrospheric - Astronomy Weather Forecasting

Astrospheric - Astronomy Weather Forecasting

By Daniel Fiordalis

Astrospheric - Astronomy Weather ForecastingAstrospheric - Astronomy Weather ForecastingAstrospheric - Astronomy Weather ForecastingAstrospheric - Astronomy Weather Forecasting

Astrospheric is weather forecasting for North American astronomers, astrophotographers, and explorers.

Using the wonderful astronomy knowledge produced by the Canadian Meteorological Center, NOAA, and others, Astrospheric produces a extremely accurate forty eight hour forecast for any location within the continental United States or Canada.

Overlaying cloud, transparency, seeing, and light-weight air pollution knowledge onto a map makes it easy to search via the next two days on the lookout for the nearest break in the climate.



• eighty four hour, hour-by-hour forecast

• Extended 8 day cloud forecast

• Updated every 6 hours

• Infrared satellite date update every 30 mintues

• Sky information: cloud, sky transparency, smoke, and seeing

• Ground data: wind, temperature, and humidity

• Precise rise and set times for each the solar and moon

• ISS (International Space Station) path information

• Custom notifications for your favorite locations


• Cloud, transparency, smoke, and seeing map layers for many of North America

• Satellite data

• Jetstream, Aerosol Optical Depth, floor layers

• Easily scrub by way of the forty eight hour forecast with each layer

• Worldwide mild air pollution data


• Precise altitude and illumination information

• List of upcoming moon phases with dates


• Easily save favourite places for simple access

• Favorites roam between your units and browser (

Site Mode

• Information essential to quickly arrange your GOTO monitoring mount

• Available even should you don’t have a community connection

Please observe, data is available for the continental USA, Canada, Alaska, and parts of Mexico. Since I can only target app distribution at the nation stage, I apologize to customers in Hawaii since there could be not data available in that State.

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