Animal Quiz: Guess the Animal

Animal Quiz: Guess the Animal

By Gryffindor apps

Animal Quiz: Guess the AnimalAnimal Quiz: Guess the AnimalAnimal Quiz: Guess the AnimalAnimal Quiz: Guess the AnimalAnimal Quiz: Guess the Animal

How much are you aware about Animals? If you want quizzes, this Animal Quiz is for you. This is a sport that's fun and relax. With tons of of animals from all a part of the world, you probably can attempt to guess the title of every, with high image high quality. Learn whereas having enjoyable enjoying this quiz.

Our Animal Quiz consist all sort of animals from the world:

- Mammals (giraffe, coyote, kangaroo, koala, lion...)

- Birds (adelie penguin, canada goose, flamingo, tundra swan…)

- Reptiles (anaconda, king cobra, chameleon, komodo dragon…)

- Amphibians (cane toad, poison dart frog, american bulgrog…)

- Invertebrates (ladybug, octopus, firefly, honeybee, sea star…)

- Fish (great white shark, electric eel, puffer fish, stingray…)

This Guess the Animal Quiz is made for leisure and to extend information about animals. Every time you move the level, you will get hints. If you can't recognize a picture, you can use hints to get clues even reply to the query.

App options:

* this Animal Quiz incorporates picture of more than 200 animals

* 15 levels

* 7 modes:

- type

- level

- true / false

- time restricted

- play with no mistakes

- free play

- unlimited

* detailed statistics

* records(high scores)

* frequent software updates!

We give you some helps to go further with our app:

* If you want to be taught more about animals, you can use help from Wikipedia.

* You can clear up the query, if the picture is simply too exhausting to acknowledge for you.

* Or perhaps get rid of some buttons? It’s on you!

How to play Animal Quiz: Guess the Animal:

- Select the Play button

- Choose the mode you want to play

- Choose the reply below

- At the top of game you'll get your score and hints

Download our quiz and see if you`re really the expert in animals, you think you are!


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