ThermoVisual Motion Detector for Cat S60 (TVMD)

ThermoVisual Motion Detector for Cat S60 (TVMD)

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ThermoVisual Motion Detector for Cat S60 (TVMD)ThermoVisual Motion Detector for Cat S60 (TVMD)

ThermoVisual Motion Detector is the 2017 Q1 FLIR ONE app contest winner Android app. (please see the link


* You might need to have a Cat S60 gadget for this app to run.

ThermoVisual Motion Detector is an intelligent, straightforward to use software that detects thermal and/or visible motion or adjustments routinely through the use of FLIR ONE infrared digicam. It operates in day evening. When you run ThermoVisual Motion Detector, you'll find a way to observe any motion and/or changes in your Cat S60 field of view in your screen. In addition, you can set alarms. Alarms may generate sound, makes phone name the place obtainable.

* ThermoVisual Motion Detector automatically detects any motion/change thermal, visual or both and plots them on your gadget display.

* ThermoVisual Motion Detector attracts movement icon on the display screen when a change is detected.

* ThermoVisual Motion Detector plots movement history by circles on the system screen. Therefore, you can have information about the whole route of a target. Besides, you can see movement in direction of you or away from you.

* The major problem with the motion detection functions is the shaking of the devices through the remark. Shaking units yield false alarms. ThermoVisual Motion Detector utility has specifically designed algorithm to minimize this disadvantage. The app routinely stops motion detection in case of system vibration.

* User can change choices for motion sound, movement show or movement historical past show.

* User can set alarm and alarm interval.

* User can optionally save pictures together with motion or in case of alarm. User also can go to these photos any time.

* TVMD shows movement icon in case amount of motion detected exceeds the threshold set by consumer. The app performs sound with the quantity level proportional to the amount of movement detected.

* TVMD raises alarm sound and shows alarm icon in case quantity of movement detected exceeds the edge for a specified time interval both set by user. Alarm state goes on for the time interval set by person.

How to make use of:

1) Fix your gadget by going through your Cat S60 digicam looking to the world you wish to track.

2) Start ThermoVisual Motion Detector utility.

3) After countdown detection begins.



* Sensor: Three types of change detection; thermal, visual or each.

* Save Picture on Motion: Capture image in case of movement or not.

* Thermal Threshold: Accuracy adjustment for thermal and/or visible change.

* Visual Threshold: Threshold for depth distinction. Smaller values yield more delicate detection however could cause noise and excess detection.

* Block size (%): Adjusts spatial accuracy. Smaller values yield more delicate detection but could cause noise and excess detection.

* Area To Trigger: Spatial minimum total quantity of movement area to take care.


* Alarm: On/Off.

* Save Picture on Alarm

* Time To Trigger: Motion time interval required to generate alarm.

* Alarm Period: Alarm length.

* Alarm Sound: Enable alarm sound or mute.

* Call Phone on Alarm: Calls chosen telephone number in case of alarm.


- Motion Rectangles: Draw motion rectangles on the gadget display screen.

- Motion History: Draw movement history bubbles on the system display screen.

- Shake Sensitivity: Sensitivity level for gadget shaking. ThermoVisual Motion Detector stops movement detection in case of gadget shaking, therefore, prevents false alarms. User can select High, Medium or Low sensitivity.

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