Piping Reference Pro

Piping Reference Pro

By Technocom50

Piping Reference ProPiping Reference ProPiping Reference ProPiping Reference ProPiping Reference Pro

This software is the dimension of piping and equipment. It has many accessories within the app corresponding to pipe measurement, pipe clamp, becoming, flange and pipe hanger. This app has both metric and us unit. It will auto change unit when user select pipe standard NPS (in) or DN (mm).

Pipe Detail

- Carbon Steel Pipe Size

- Carbon Steel Pipe Standard

- Carbon Steel Pipe Strength

- Stainless Steel Pipe Size

- Stainless Steel Pipe Standard

- Stainless Steel Pipe Strength

Pipe Clamp

- U-Bolt

- Hold Down Pipe Clamp

- 2 Bolt Pipe Clamp

- 3 Bolt Pipe Clamp (Carbon and Alloy Steel)

- Riser Clamp

Fitting Detail

- a hundred and eighty Return

- 45 Elbow

- 90 Elbow

- Cap

- Concentric Reducer

- Coupling

- Cross

- Eccentric Reducer

- Half Coupling

- Hexagonal Head Bushing

- Hexagonal Head Plug

- Hexagonal Nipple

- Male-Female Reducer

- Reducer Insert

- Reducing Coupling

- Reducing Hexagonal Nipple

- Reducing Outlet Tee

- Square Head Plug

- Straight Tee

- Union

- Welding Boss

Flange Detail

- Flange Blind

- Flange Lap Joint

- Flange Slip-On Welding

- Flange Socket Welding

- Flange Threaded

- Flange Welding Neck

- RTJ Flange Blind

- RTJ Flange Slip-On Welding

- RTJ Flange Threaded

- RTJ Flange Welding Neck

- JIS B 2220 Blind Flange

- JIS B 2220 Slip-On Welding Plate Flange

- JIS B 2220 Slip-On Welding Hub Flange

- JIS B 2220 Welding Neck Flange

Pipe Hanger

- Lug

- Beam Welding

- invert Beam Welding

- Hanger Rod

- Rod Coupling

- Clevis Pin

Pipe Shoe

- Shoe Light Duty

- Shoe Heavy Duty


- Spiral Wound Gasket For ASME B16.5

- Non-Metallic Flat Gasket For ASME B16.1 Flat Ring

- Non-Metallic Flat Gasket For ASME B16.1 Full Face

- Non-Metallic Flat Gasket For ASME B16.5 Flat Ring

- Non-Metallic Flat Gasket For ASME B16.5 Full Face

- Ring Type Joint For ASME B16.5

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