Smart Tools Laser Level ????????????????????

Smart Tools Laser Level ????????????????????

By Smart Tool Factory

Smart Tools Laser Level ????????????????????Smart Tools Laser Level ????????????????????Smart Tools Laser Level ????????????????????Smart Tools Laser Level ????????????????????Smart Tools Laser Level ????????????????????

Smart Tools Laser Level is augmented actuality app for computing inclination, slopes, angle, compass and elevation and rotation values utilizing sensors and drawings on digicam.


•3 totally different measurement modes(Laser stage, angle by dragging together with your finger or drawing angle together with your finger)

•Touch display screen to set level of measurement or touch reset button to reset it to origin.

•Display azimuth, course, inclination or rotation angles.(Magnetic Field Sensor is required)

•Fast and correct calibration choice.

•Freeze display to have more precise and strong readings.

•Leveling option shows pitch and roll angles as line, square or circle which makes it easier to align your system and outcomes more correct measurements.

•Option to toggle between back and front(if available) digital camera.

•Flashlight for conditions more gentle needed

•Option to visualise your progress using charts.

•Image gallery with particulars, Exif info(Some Exif data requires Android 7.0 and above), and different features corresponding to picture sharing and editing

•Highly customizable app settings and person interface


Measurement Screen

Rotate your gadget on laser degree measurement mode or align with object you need get readings from. To get extra precise reading ensure that leveling line is aligned with laser level. You can freeze preview and measure any slope or angle simply.

Swipe your display screen right to open Navigation Menu

Records Screen

You can evaluation your recorded measurements and get xls file utilizing diskette button. Excel recordsdata are stored in chosen listing.

Charts Screen

Records may be reviewed through charts utilizing Charts part.

It's possible to get picture of the charts in JPG format utilizing digicam icon.

Gallery Screen

Gallery display screen displays photographs inside the picture listing selected utilizing Settings display.

Touch a picture to show particulars.

Important: To show a variety of the Exif knowledge your system should be Android 7.0 and above. Touching image on gallery opens zoomable model of picture an

IMPORTANT: If you discover a bug using the appliance, PLEASE write to [email protected] together with your phone mannequin title and the description of the issue, before writing a unfavorable remark.

✅ Customer satisfaction is our priority, and we are going to do our best to fix the issues as soon as possible!

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