morsee : Enjoy Morse code

morsee : Enjoy Morse code

By umeplanet

morsee : Enjoy Morse codemorsee : Enjoy Morse codemorsee : Enjoy Morse code

Enjoy a Morse code with a simple operation! 4 languages(En,Rus,Ja,Ko) can be found.

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【Translate into Morse code!】

◆Simple UI

You could make a sentense with Morse code by just button tap in your language.

◆Useful cheat sheet

Forget Morse code? It is ok!! Because a cheat sheet is prepared.

◆Edit function

Easy to edit if you make errors.

◆Select language

You can choose 4 fashion Morse code: ALPHABET, Russian ALPHABET, Hangul(Korean) and KANA(Japanese).

【Translate Morse code! 】

◆ Translation function

It's easy to translate from Morse code to alphabet.Also Morsee interprets sentense to Morse code.

◆ Support text share

When you choose Morsee by other apps in a text share, Morsee interprets the shared character for you.

 【Play your Morse codes! 】

 ◆ Play by sound

 You can play your Morse code by sound. The playback speed can be changed from the settings.

 ◆ Play by flush light

 You can play your Morse code by flush mild.

 Notes: Works with Android 6.0 or larger.

【Save your Morse codes!】

◆Save your favorites

You can save your favourite Morse codes. You can anytime entry saved Morse code from bookmark display.

【Share your Morse codes!】

◆Shareing function

You can share your Morse codes with its translation.

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