PolarFinder Pro

PolarFinder Pro

By Raffaele Lunari

PolarFinder ProPolarFinder ProPolarFinder ProPolarFinder ProPolarFinder Pro

Pro model of Polar Finder with out advertisements, with altimeter and you can select to exclude GPS.

This utility allows you to make a exact stationing of the mount, excellent particularly for astrophotographers and it works in both celestial poles.

In the settings you'll have the ability to choose to exclude the GPS and enter the personalized coordinates and / or even a particular date and time so as to know the exact place of the Polaris (northern hemisphere) or Sigma Octantis (southern hemisphere) for a certain place.

This characteristic can additionally be useful to know the height of the polar for a selected place instantly in the area without having to resort to 3rd functions.

Once the position has been calculated, the polar picture shall be shown precisely as it ought to be set within the polar telescope, remembering that it inverts the pictures (the app additionally permits actual vision).

ATTENTION: To use this app you should see the Polar star and have a polar scope.


This app unlike most apps of its sort, takes into consideration the phenomenon of the Earth's Precession.

The Earth has a quite complicated movement, certainly one of them is called the Precession where the rotational axis of Earths slowly adjustments its orientation and the celestial poles are slowly altering with it. This motion is somewhat small, round 26,000 years per revolution, but in time it modifications the obvious position of celestial objects. As the right-ascension coordinate is used when calculating the hour angle, it could be very important think about the consequences of precession on the RA coordinate.

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