DIFF Protection Relay, Electrical Power Systems

DIFF Protection Relay, Electrical Power Systems

By Electrical Power Systems Protection Engineering

DIFF Protection Relay, Electrical Power SystemsDIFF Protection Relay, Electrical Power SystemsDIFF Protection Relay, Electrical Power SystemsDIFF Protection Relay, Electrical Power SystemsDIFF Protection Relay, Electrical Power Systems

Would you prefer to know about the settings and calculations of the transformer differential safety relays on electrical power systems? Would you prefer to plot the soundness characteristic of transformer differential protection relays?

This app is an important device for electrical energy methods engineers particularly substation safety and management engineers. It is in regards to the transformer differential safety relays on electrical power systems and transformer brief circuit present calculations on electrical power methods.

Features :

* Plotting the differential relay stability characteristic

* Transformer brief circuit present calculations - Earth fault and Phase-phase fault calculations

* Calculating I(diff) and I(bias) of the transformer differential protection relays

* Calculating the total impedance of the transformer for every side

* Plotting section vector diagrams for each side

* Calculating the zero sequence compensation for the differential safety relays

* Saving and loading the relay settings

* Examples

In this app, enter the transformer information like MVA, transformer ratio, vector group and brief circuit impedance of transformer, and the app calculates the brief circuit currents of high voltage facet and low voltage side.

You also can enter the setting of the transformer differential safety relay, and the app plots the stability characteristic of the transformer differential safety relay.

In the following step you'll find a way to apply the sort of fault, single-phase and two-phase and three-phase faults in the In Zone and Out Zone areas on the primary or secondary aspect of the transformer and you get the faults currents in each part for all sides of the transformer.

Also, the passing currents from main and secondary side CTs could be calculated.

This app calculates the secondary currents of CTs and matching CTs for calculations of Idiff and Ibias for every section, and the journey factors are plotted on the stability attribute of the differential relay, and you may easily see the performance of the transformer differential safety relay.

This app calculates the zero sequence compensation in two ways, by the tertiary winding or measuring impartial current.

Transformer differential safety relays app is continuously under development, with more options but to come. Any suggestions and bug-reports are significantly appreciated. Please email the ideas and bugs of this app. Support this app by downloading it. Thank you.

If you favored this app, please price and remark it on Google Play. Your feedback is important to me. Thank you.

Transformer differential protection relays app for electrical power techniques engineering and substation safety management engineering.

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