Qibla Compass - Qibla Finder

Qibla Compass - Qibla Finder

By App Devz Team

Qibla Compass - Qibla FinderQibla Compass - Qibla Finder

Qibla Compass - Qibla course software use to seek out the path the Kaaba in Mecca on maps compass. Qibla compass will find qibla location within the real-time and you should use it anywhere on the planet.

With GPS technology will assist to you discover path qibla rapidly and precisely. To present present your location on maps you have to enable gps and connect to the internet. Maps will rotate when you move direction and connect with Kaaba in Mecca.

We present two modes for qibla locator, you ought to use compass maps(online) or offline with qibla direction finder. i suggest you want to use discover qibla maps with online mode. Because the appliance will energetic with correct location on maps compass within the realtime.

* Direction for compass:

N is the north

S is the south

E is east

W is the west

SE is the Southeast

SW is Southwest

NE is North-East

Use compass on maps to search out Qiblah direction very easily. Finds direction of (Qibla/Kaaba) Anywhere in the world.


- Kaaba direction: We use good compass combine with maps compass to search out qibla location.

- Mosque close to me: Qibla path software will helps you to find a close by Mosque to your present location. You can discover the nearest mosque or Masjed easily. At anyplace in the world , you should use qibla path finder utility for prayer with qibla path.

- Show True North

- Show Altitude Speed Calculate degrees of Qibla from existing place

- Magnetic strength

- Show Sensor State

- Show latitude longitude

- Show level

- Calculate levels of Qibla from present place. The Qibla direction locator app uses the sensor of your android gadget for correct Qibla path. Download now the Qibla compass app and discover Qibla direction simply from wherever.

We hope Qibla Compass - Qibla Finder will helpful for you. If this application is not good. Please contact to us via e-mail:[email protected]


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