Construction Calculators ProstoBuild

Construction Calculators ProstoBuild

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Construction Calculators ProstoBuildConstruction Calculators ProstoBuildConstruction Calculators ProstoBuildConstruction Calculators ProstoBuildConstruction Calculators ProstoBuild

This program includes more than forty calculations, which incorporates:

1. Calculation of the volume and proportions of concrete on a strip foundation

2. Calculation of the mass of the reinforcing mesh

3. Calculation of the length/weight of reinforcement

4. Calculation of structures/objects for overturning

5. Truss calculator (selection of sections in accordance with loads)

6. Calculation of wind load on common structures

7. Construction of a diagram of bending moments and transverse forces of a beam

8. Reference e-book of snow and wind masses. Calculation of the depth of soil freezing.

9. Collection of loads on ground slabs/beams/columns

10. Calculation of the mass of the house, calculation of the bearing capacity of the foundation underneath the foundation

11. Strength calculation of a beam

12. Calculation of a beam for deflection

13. Calculation of parts for tension

14. Calculation of the rack for strength/stability/flexibility

15. Rolled metal assortment

16. Calculation of strengthened concrete columns (selection of working reinforcement)

17. Calculation of bolstered concrete beams (selection of working reinforcement)

18. Rafter calculator (rafter length, rafter section)

19. Calculation of a wood floor (selection of a piece of a picket beam in accordance with deflection and strength)

20. Hydraulic calculation of pipelines

21. Calculation of paint for painting metal

22. Geometric traits of sections (area, moment of resistance, moment of inertia, radii of inertia)

23. Sphere calculator (volume/surface area)

24. Roof space calculation (4 kinds of roofs)

25. Thermal calculation

26. Loan calculation

27. Slope Calculator

28. Calculation of the number and quantity of blocks (new 15.02.2019)

29. Calculation of the cone sweep (new 02/15/2019)

30. Floor formwork calculator (new 17.03.2019)

31. Blind space calculator (new 03/17/2019)

32. Floor formwork calculator (new 15.04.2019)

33. Room lighting calculator (new 04/25/2019)

34. Diagrams of regular and shear stresses (new 05/04/2019)

35. Calculator for the number of air ducts (new 05/04/2019)

36. Calculation of the minimal distance between bolts (new 05/11/2019)

37. Calculator of the number of bricks per laying (new 05/11/2019)

38. Linear inter- and extrapolation (new 08/22/2019)

39. Aerodynamic calculation (new 22.08.2019)

40. Calculation of hardware (new 05.10.2019)

41. Dew point (new 05.10.2019)

42. Linear and angular velocity calculator (new 04/19/2020)

43. Shaft torsion calculation (new 04/19/2020)

44. Calculation of concrete for stairs (new 04/19/2020)

45. Materials for the armored belt (new 10/21/2020)

46. Greenhouse calculator (new 10/21/2020)

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