Calculator -- Time, GCD, LCM

Calculator -- Time, GCD, LCM

By GreenHill

Calculator -- Time, GCD, LCMCalculator -- Time, GCD, LCMCalculator -- Time, GCD, LCMCalculator -- Time, GCD, LCM

Contains a easy normal calculator and add, subtract, multiply and divide items of time is a time calculator .

1. year, day, hour, minute, and second could be calculated by the calculator

2. assist combine items of time. Ex.10h5m5s 5m1h = 11hr 10min 5sec

3. support transformed button to convert into models of one other time style.

4. You can use a regular calculator together with sq. root and reciprocal.

※ To use this calculator, first you must know :

Entering a time (such as 07:08:09 5 hours) to enter an enter to the next sequence.

07:08:09 To enter , kind the following:

1. Number 7 and h input

2. Number 8 and m input

3. Number 9 and s input

4. input add button

5. Number 5 and h input

6. input to = equal button

The outcome will show 12h 8m 9s on display.

You can press Convert button to convert another time fashion.

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