Triangle Calculator - Real-time drawings

Triangle Calculator - Real-time drawings

By PixieFan

Triangle Calculator - Real-time drawingsTriangle Calculator - Real-time drawingsTriangle Calculator - Real-time drawingsTriangle Calculator - Real-time drawingsTriangle Calculator - Real-time drawings

Calculates triangle space, sides and angle quick and easy in real-time and see your drawing in 2D.

Calculate the area of a triangle, peak of a triangle, sides of a triangle and angles of a triangle.

Solve triangles by entering your given dimensions to search out remaining values as utilized in trigonometry.

You can calculate:

- Equilateral triangle

- Right triangle

- Isosceles right triangle

- Isosceles triangle

- Scalene triangle

An best app for architects, engineers, development professionals, area technicians, builders, handymen and students

Detailed and correct calculation and drawings of triangles.

In app you can save or delete your calculation information.

Triangle calculator is all what you want.

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