Keepass2Android Offline

Keepass2Android Offline

By Philipp Crocoll (Croco Apps)

Keepass2Android OfflineKeepass2Android OfflineKeepass2Android Offline

Keepass2Android is an open supply password supervisor software for Android. It reads and writes .kdbx-files, the database format utilized by the popular KeePass 2.x Password Safe for Windows and different desktop operating methods.

The person interface relies on Keepassdroid (by Brian Pellin), ported from Java to Mono for Android. The backend uses the unique KeePass libraries to handle file entry to make sure file format compatibility.

Main features of the App are

* read/write help for .kdbx (KeePass 2.x) files

* integrates with practically every Android browser (see below)

* QuickUnlock: Unlock your database as quickly as with your full password, re-open it by typing just a few characters (see below)

* Integrated Soft-Keyboard: Switch to this keyboard for entering person credentials. This shields you from clipboard primarily based password sniffers (see below)

* assist for editing entries including further string fields, file attachments, tags and so forth.

* Note: please set up Keepass2Android (non offline version) if you need to open information directly from a webserver (FTP/WebDAV).

* search dialog with all search choices from KeePass 2.x.

Required privileges:

* Access SD Card

* Vibrate

Bug stories and suggestions:

== Browser integration ==

If you have to lookup a password for a webpage, go to Menu/Share... and select Keepass2Android. This will

* bring up a display to load/unlock a database if no database is loaded and unlocked

* go to the Search Results display displaying all entries for the at present visited URL

- or -

* directly provide the Copy Username/Password notifications if exactly one entry matches the at present visited URL

== QuickUnlock ==

You ought to defend your password database with a powerful (i.e. random and LONG) password together with higher and decrease case in addition to numbers and special characters. Typing such a password on a mobile phone every time you unlock your database is time-consuming and error-prone. The KP2A solution is QuickUnlock:

* Use a robust password in your database

* Load your database and kind the robust password as quickly as. Enable QuickUnlock.

* The application is locked after the time specified in the settings

* If you wish to re-open your database, you can kind only a few characters (by default, the final 3 characters of your password) to unlock shortly and easily!

* If the wrong QuickUnlock key is entered, the database is locked and the total password is required to re-open.

Is this safe? First: it allows you to use a very robust password, this increases security in case somebody gets your database file. Second: If you loose your cellphone and somebody tries to open the password database, the attacker has precisely one probability to make use of QuickUnlock. When using 3 characters and assuming 70 characters within the set of attainable characters, the attacker has a 0.0003% probability of opening the file. If this sounds nonetheless an excessive amount of for you, select 4 or more characters in the settings.

QuickUnlock requires an icon within the notification area. This is as a outcome of Android would kill Keepass2Android too usually with out this icon. It doesn't require battery power.

== Keepass2Android Keyboard ==

A German research team has demonstrated that clipboard-based entry of credentials as utilized by most Android password managers isn't safe: Every app on your telephone can register for modifications of the clipboard and thus be notified whenever you copy your passwords from the password supervisor to your clipboard. In order to guard in opposition to this type of assault, you should use the Keepass2Android keyboard: When you select an entry, a notification will appear in the notification bar. This notification allows you to change to the KP2A keyboard. ON this keyboard, click on the KP2A symbol to sort your credentials. Click the keyboard key to switch back to your favourite keyboard.

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