Warhammer: Chaos Conquest

Warhammer: Chaos Conquest

By Tilting Point

Warhammer: Chaos ConquestWarhammer: Chaos ConquestWarhammer: Chaos ConquestWarhammer: Chaos ConquestWarhammer: Chaos Conquest

Join different players around the globe in Warhammer: Chaos Conquest! Total technique domination MMO recreation. Time to create or join an alliance, group up and conquer your enemies in this Strategy game!

Dominate a territory together with your alliance, create tactics through the in-game chat, and increase your empire by way of the Warhammer on-line universe of Games Workshop.

Claim the throne with your friends in this huge multiplayer on-line strategy war game!

Play in a massively multiplayer on-line and real-time Strategy struggle game with others around the globe, be part of them in an alliance or make them your rivals at struggle, and show your worth to Chaos Gods, show that you are price to be the legion struggle master!

Defend and upgrade your citadel within the recreation, be a part of epic Strategy, and fantasy battles! Upgrade your citadel buildings and protection, construct a robust military, command attacks to the chaos legion. You can conquer the Old World with battles - Win the huge multiplayer online technique fantasy war!

Immerse your self within the basic lore of Warhammer fantasy battles on this Strategy recreation. Build your online army, improve your citadel, acquire honor amongst your alliance and enemies, improve chaos champions, and start the Old World conquest! Experience the excitement of this actual time technique MMO - Spread Chaos across the Old World in this Strategy Game!

Main options of Warhammer: Chaos Conquest, an internet MMO Strategy struggle PVP sport:

- Collect warlords - Over 20 Daemons of Chaos and 10 warriors of Chaos are there to collect! They make chaos armies more highly effective and harmful.

- Design your troops - Upgrade Warlords, chaos champions, with a great assortment of equipment, vanquish and champion abilities - Build a diverse strategy and deadly army! Research skills to expand your military!

- Create alliances - Find true allies and join forces to take over major landmarks in the Old World! Work collectively with your alliance to speed up both yours and their constructions and obtain additional spoils from battles. With an alliance, it is possible for you to to defend your citadel easier by receiving troops from your allies to help in your protection.

- Chaos Gods - Devote your self to different Chaos Gods corresponding to Khorne, Nurgle, Tzeentch, and Slaanesh. Boost your attack and defense with Battle and Defensive Rituals. Pledge your alliance to them and bring the chaos they want to the Old World!

- Side quest Special events - Involve your self in thrilling aspect quests, strategy and events to beat other chaos armies. Slay enemies such as greenskins, beastmen, and dwarfs! Start the Old World conquest!

- Warhammer universe constancy - In the conquest of champions, you'll discover iconic locations corresponding to Chaos Wastes, Norsca, Troll Country, and Empire of Man. Meet iconic creatures such as Chaos Spawns, Slaughter Brutes, Dragon Ogres, and Mutalith Vortex Beasts.

- World chat for discussing battle results with your enemies and creating alliances with other players!

- Daily challenges - Complete them and get guaranteed rewards bonuses based on leaderboards!

Attack your adversaries for the glory of Chaos! Vanquish roaming beasts.

Get engaged in the realm battle and really feel the taste of the real-time strategy MMO experience! Experience order and chaos, begin your world conquest - The conquest of champions. Show that you're price being the chaos legion grasp and win this fantasy struggle on this Warhammer online technique adventure!

Download Warhammer: Chaos Conquest and participate in fantasy strategy battles. Slay enemies with the chaos legion and turn into the Everchosen! Have a style of Games Workshop universe!

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