The Lord of the Rings: War

The Lord of the Rings: War

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The Lord of the Rings: WarThe Lord of the Rings: WarThe Lord of the Rings: WarThe Lord of the Rings: WarThe Lord of the Rings: War

After waging valiant battles and forging alliances, the War of the Ring has come to a temporary close. Dol Guldur has been occupied and the One Ring has been found. All achievements will fade at season’s finish to make room for extra glory to come back.

But peace has yet to be received.

The Ring has a will of its personal, and the rumblings of war go ever on because it tempts all, both good and evil, to grab it and conquer all of Middle-earth. Who shall claim dominion?

Find out in the subsequent season. The warfare has solely simply begun!

Claimthe OneRing

TheOneRinghasresurfacedinthedesertedcastleofDolGuldur.Itbestows upon its bearer unrivaledpowertodominateMiddle-earth,luringall within the land to make ready foragreatwar.

SeekTipsinthe Tavern

If you go consuming in the tavern, you would possibly uncover sometips, tasksandtales.Buyaround,acquire a commander’s attention and receive special tasks.Ifyou complete their tasks, you simply may earn their respect and recruit them.

Join a Faction to Fight

Each faction is drawn to the One Ring, vying to seize it forMiddle-earth.Join afactionandenlist inanewWaroftheRing.


FromArgonathtoMountDoom,expertise J.R.R.Tolkien’sexpansiveworldand set out on your own journey.


Build an army the likes of whichMiddle-earthhasneverseen before,withwell-armedwarriors,knights,archersandmore.Victoryisyours, so lengthy asyourstrategyremains sharp.

Forma LastingAlliance

Embarkonyourjourneywithtrustedallies at your facet. Establish your house inthisvastworldbycollectingresources,developingsettlements andexpandingyour territory.Greatchallengesawait!

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