Great Conqueror: Rome War Game

Great Conqueror: Rome War Game

By EasyTech

Great Conqueror: Rome War GameGreat Conqueror: Rome War GameGreat Conqueror: Rome War GameGreat Conqueror: Rome War GameGreat Conqueror: Rome War Game

Commander! The Roman Republic is on the rise, and heaps of powerful nations around it will fight against you for supremacy. A warfare is imminent.

Rome needs the power of everyone! Great commanders together with Caesar, Pompey, Antony, Octavian, and Spartacus will fight with you. Let's witness the birth of Great Conqueror!

【Campaign Mode】

Restore the scenes of tons of of historical battles in Rome and witness absolutely how Rome evolves into a great empire stretching across Africa, Europe and Asia.

** Lead legions to participate within the Punic Wars, the Spartacus Uprising, the Conquest of Gaul, Caesar's Civil War, Antony's Civil War, the Conquest of the East, the Conquest of Germany and experience the rise and glory of Rome.

** Build cities, recruit soldiers, make struggle gear, form highly effective naval fleets. Everything is underneath your management.

** Choose the secondary story, command the encircling nations and tribes to fight in opposition to the powerful Roman military, and alter their destiny to be conquered.

** New technologies deliver new visions. Researching technologies will increase power and accelerates conquest.

【Conquest Mode】

From the Mediterranean to the British Isles, Rome, Egypt and Carthage, the Gaul tribes, the Germanic peoples, the Empire of the East are contending for hegemony. Will Rome conquer the world, or will or not it's conquered and a model new empire be built?

** Span tons of of years from the Punic Wars of the Roman Republic, the First Triumvirate, the Second Triumvirate to multiple eras of the Roman Empire.

** Enemies or friends, declare wars or form an alliance, assist allies or draw impartial nations. Choose the overseas insurance policies which may be in one of the best curiosity of your country and broaden your territories.

** The tide of war is unstoppable. Expand cities, recruit legions, use methods, research technologies, and lead your empire to the final victory.

** There are many international locations to select from, and every has the opportunity to overcome the world. Change their future, and lead them towards greatness.

【Expedition Mode】

Lead your legions to have an expedition, use methods and tactics cleverly, deploy limited forces, give full play to your limitless combat capabilities, and defeat highly effective overseas troops!

** New problem mode that brings you a novel gaming experience.

** Every step of the expedition comes with many difficulties and risks. Keep adjusting your battle plans and you will attain the ultimate victory.

** Gain one of the best warfare trophies and put in your conqueror uniforms.

【The Senate】

Rome was not built in a day. Build the Triumphal Arch, the Colosseum, the Pantheon, and restore the glory of the past!

** Complete the duties issued by the Senate and win rich rewards.

** Train infantry, cavalry, archers and navy to improve their fight capabilities.

** Equip your generals with battle flags and treasures to upgrade expertise and enhance skills.


*** Cultivate distinctive commanders, match abilities freely, be versatile, and management the battlefield.

*** Support cloud archives, and your progress can be synchronized when changing the system. The security of your archives are protected.

*** Conquest Mode helps the rankings within the GooglePlay. Capture extra territories with less time and generals.

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