iCLOO Golf Edition

iCLOO Golf Edition

By BrainKeys

iCLOO Golf EditioniCLOO Golf EditioniCLOO Golf Edition

The most optimized features for golf swing analysis

1. Golf swing analysis utilizing the jog dial

- The frame by body playback using jog dial will allow you to to analyze your swing with precision.

- Move your swing movement ahead and backward without any frame drop.

- Instant video stream evaluation (no waiting for import)

2. Swing comparison

- It is possible to check the swing of the professional with my swing, evaluate the entrance and facet swing, and evaluate the best swing with the current swing.

- You can synchronize the two video by locking and unlocking

3. Various drawing tools

- It supplies the most highly effective drawing functions compared to other apps similar to lines, squares, circles, triangles, protractors, and spline.

- It is the one app that can control not only the line thickness but in addition the transparency.

4. Swing trace

- You can solely hint the movement of the membership through the swing.

- Swing trace outcomes can be saved as a new video clip.

5. Make your lesson video utilizing display screen recording

- If you press the red button on the bottom-left, your voice and all the processes of enjoying the video, modifying is saved as a new video.

- You can press the record pause button, fix strains or textual content, and resume recording once more, making it simple to create lesson videos.

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