LaserHIT dry fireplace training software program lets you practice multiple drills whereas educating your family about firearm security. As a ability builder, competing in opposition to your friends while reinforcing protected dealing with procedures and proper capturing dynamics.

Designed by taking pictures instructors and inspired by army veterans, LaserHIT systems make it enjoyable and inexpensive to shoot just like the pros!

Practice with your personal multiple targets or precise objects (like soda-cans, fruits, etc.). Use augmented reality to RELOAD and reset your apply proper from the firing line.


- LaserHIT application will register hits on paper targets in real-time and display the shot results onto your smartphone display.

LaserHIT utility will works with two types of LaserHIT training cartridges: High Defenition (HD) and Generic, to cover full vary of Android phones on the market.

- Applicaiton will run Phone hardware compatibility examine to advice you before buying laserHIT training kit.

- LaserHIT is universal software that compatible with all common laser coaching cartridges on the market. The advanced algorithm will acknowledge, analyze and accurately read pink, inexperienced, or blue lasers.

SPECIAL: You have the option to setup it with the big display TV to emphasize the visibility of your training results. For the most effective experience, connect TV and Phone immediately through a Smart VIew choice or go to LaserHIT web site for extra choices. There might be compatibility limitation with some Android Phones.


- You will grasp the basic gun security guidelines. You can follow at home with your individual firearm (without stay ammo) to help in building muscle memory and bettering marksmanship accuracy.

- You can turn into extra comfy with the load and operation of your firearm while in the comfort of your individual home.

- You will enjoy to work on your set off control with instant visible feedback.

- You can escalate the laser taking pictures speed up to 10 pictures per seconds (depends on the handgun model).

- You can track your progress and display your result on your own TV.

SPECIAL APPRECIATION to our LaserHIT volunteers test-group for priceless suggestions: Gunter B.(Vienna, Austria), Lucacz Yankes Jankowski (Tarnow, Polska), Roberto Suazo (Honduras), Robert Hernandez (CT, US), Steve Stahl (US), Kevin Weber (US), Andrei B. (CA, US), Eric L. (CA, US), Ben H. (CA, US), Ryan A. (CA, US), Henry W. (CA, US), Karthik K (CA, US), Olga E. (CA, US).

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