Food Language Singapore and Malaysia

Food Language Singapore and Malaysia

By uBeeJoy

Food Language Singapore and MalaysiaFood Language Singapore and MalaysiaFood Language Singapore and MalaysiaFood Language Singapore and MalaysiaFood Language Singapore and Malaysia

2020's hottest historical meals anthropomorphic RPG cell game!

This place is called Kongsang, and it used to be a fairy town the place tens of 1000's of food and souls lived and worked in peace

Until that day——

The uninvited friends of the banquet hall came, Kong Sang suffered heavy damage

The Food Language enshrined in the temple was destroyed, and the soul eaters were scattered everywhere

All reminiscences of the past have been erased...

As the younger master of Kongsang, are you capable to let everyone collect at Kongsang again?

Looking via the ages to continue writing Chinese scrumptious romance

Based on Chinese food allusions, Peking duck, Sichuan-style scorching pot, Buddha jumps over the wall, claypot rice …Nearly 100 Chinese delicacies have been reworked into handsome males underneath the brush of high painters. The rich meals allusions have created the vivid character of every soul-eating soul. As the younger grasp of Kongsang, your mission is to retrieve all the soul-eating souls scattered everywhere. Rebuild the bond between Soul Eater and Kong Sang!

Meeting Hundreds of Pleasant Teens

Each Soul Eater is provided with full Live2D animation performance, exclusive character story and full voice plot interpretation , the national associate hall-level seiyuu Ajie, Bian Jiang, Wu Lei, Flimsy Fake, Su Shangqing, Yang Tianxiang, and so on. to assist out, the native limited soul-eating Bak Kut Teh and Mysterious Characters specially invited native mysterious seiyuu friends from Singapore and Malaysia Come and experience a heart-pounding feast of sound and color!

Healing plot, heart-warming and scrumptious romantic adventure

As a descendant of the God of Cookery, you will embark on an ups and downs journey for the guardian of Kongsang. In this fantasy journey, you'll progressively touch the hearts of different soul eaters, and progressively develop and rework with their firm... The fantasy therapeutic plot with a couple of million words, with the unique plot editor, customise the one that belongs to you and the soul eater. Exclusive memory!

Restaurant to entertain diners from the Three Realms

Managing the farm, choosing elements, cooking, and welcoming friends... This is Kongsang's busy every day life, Cook hundreds of Chinese dishes along with soul eaters from eight main cuisines, create wonderful delicacies for diners touring between the three worlds, and build the No. 1 restaurant in Kongsang!

Build a dream house to create a heat residence by hand

Dress up your exclusive residence as you want, and DIY colorful themed furniture with you~ Watch the soul eaters Take a shower at house, take a nap, swing on a swing, play and play, and uncover the distinctive appeal of various soul eaters in getting along day and night!

Guarding Kongsang with numerous card strategies

Assemble Soul Eater to type the strongest staff, with thirteen combat traits for you to match: Burst, Group attack, therapy, control, protection breaking, poisoning... According to the enemy's weaknesses, rationally match the lineup, enhance the strength through the cultivation of the soul and the matching of tableware, defeat the nightmare in a single fell swoop, and battle for the protection of Kongsang!

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