Thor : War of Tapnarok

Thor : War of Tapnarok

By Appxplore (iCandy)

Thor : War of TapnarokThor : War of TapnarokThor : War of TapnarokThor : War of TapnarokThor : War of Tapnarok

Ascend as Thor The Viking God of Thunder, and get ready for an epic journey on this Norse-themed action clicker!

After the mud of Ragnarok has settled, Loki the God of Mischief has declared eternal war against Asgard! Wielding Heimdall's Crystal Staff, he has unleashed ferocious monsters and evil gods into the Nine Realms. Loki's vile forces are now on the gates of Asgard, and Tapnarok is type of upon us.

O heroic Thor, son of Odin, King of Asgard, the True Ruler of the Nine Realms - heed our call! With the help of Valkyrie defend your home from this monstrous invasion!


Tap the enemy's weak spot to deal devastating damage!

Activate 10 fearsome skills to unleash Thor's explosive might!

‍♂️ Recruit 20 loyal allies and equip them with distinctive weapons!

Collect 37 mystical relics to harness unfathomable power!

☠️ Slay terrifying enemies such as Loki the Trickster God!

Summon the All-Father Odin to struggle by your side!

⚔️ Immerse in the fable and may of Thor, battles numerous monsters with the help of Viking Warriors, Valkyrie, and even the All-Father Himself, Odin.

⚡ The fate of Asgard is in your palms, Hero. Dust off that ol’ Mjolnir, tighten your jockstrap, and defend the realms at all costs! To Valhalla!

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