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Lost LineageLost LineageLost LineageLost LineageLost Lineage

Lost Lineage is a popular western fantasy styled MMOARPG with competitive gameplay and an revolutionary fantasy storyline. Its characters have been brought to life by a incredible cast of voice actors to find a way to present probably the most pleasant experience to gamers. With aesthetic style and fascinating soundtrack, the sport has been well obtained since its launch. The game units a grand worldview, and as the legend goes, the dreaded dragons have not been worn out. Hence, the warriors must concentrate on finding the reawakened descendants of the dragons and eradicating them so as to defend the continent together!

Game Features

Exquisite Graphics, First-class Voice Actors

There are greatest cast of voice actors in Europe to dub in the recreation. In order to current a quaint visible effect of the feudal empire, the designers have reproduced the ancient medieval castles completely in this world. The embellishment of luminescent jewels has also added a special flavor to the aesthetic high quality.

World Rankings, Fight if You Dare

A nice deal of talents have been assembled within the Peak Arena, competing towards each other in order to win the last word glory. The prime participant within the Arena can win abundant rewards. So, who would be the strongest warrior?

Summon Envoys, Seal Demons

Collect shards to summon your exclusive God Envoy! Owning different expertise respectively, the 4 Envoys will come to your assist when you are at risk. Their stunning wide-ranged AOE assaults can wipe demons out and the Eirei Tower completely! Each Envoy possesses 2 attributes where one may be upgraded by leveling and starring up while the other can be improved by equipping Godsouls.

The System of Guilds, Your Second Home

Create a guild with like-minded associates alongside your journey and battle collectively to defeat the powerful Demon King! The guild can be both a heat haven or a tavern the place you can spend your time gossiping. Do guild quests daily, and in addition participate in the guild feast to get plenty of EXP! Who will be the final winner of the Guild War?

Gods Descending, Mighty Eirei

Accumulate stars in Eirei Hunt to get the last word SSR Eirei and increase your power! Pass via Eirei tower, unlock Eirei positions, and get special abilities like Star Judgment! Awaken or fuse Eireis to gain varied stat buffs!

Find Your Mr./Miss. Right

Join a vacation party or a dance flooring get together to search out your important different. Throw a lavish wedding ceremony, get a diamond ring, make a lifetime promise and never miss the proper one. There is an unique couple dungeon, as well as a golden hall of marriage.

A Unique Baby System, Adopt Your Own Baby

The tremendous cute baby is ready for you! Nurture it together with your spouse, make it grow by finishing every day duties and feeding it with Potential Orbs and Awaken Orbs! You can even let them unleash their cool baby skills and be taught exclusive expertise books. Let them be your greatest companion in this journey!

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