Scientific Calculator Plus

Scientific Calculator Plus

By CalcTastic

Scientific Calculator PlusScientific Calculator PlusScientific Calculator PlusScientific Calculator PlusScientific Calculator Plus

CalcTastic is a feature-rich calculator with years of refinement and exceptional person scores. Choose from 12 different themes, a configurable display and your alternative of operation, Algebraic or RPN.

CalcTastic includes two fully-independent modes: A High-Precision Scientific Calculator with Fractions, Complex Numbers, Physical Constants, a Unit Converter, Advanced Statistics, History Memory Registers and a full-online Help Section.

CalcTastic is also a full-featured Programmer's Calculator with a dedicated Binary Display, help for Signed Unsigned Integers (from 8-64 bits) in addition to separate History Memory Registers (viewable in binary, octal, decimal or hex).



- Algebraic (Prefix or Postfix) or RPN Calculator Modes

- Expression or Stack Display

- Expression History with 20 Records

- Calculator Stack with 20-50 Registers

- Memory with 10 Registers

- 12 High-Quality Themes

- Copy and Paste

- Configurable Numeric Display (Decimal and Grouping)

- Intuitive long-click function removes the necessity to press SHIFT

- Easier to make use of than traditional Casio or HP calculators (11C / 15C)


- High Internal Precision

- Rectangular and Polar kind Complex Number Support

- Real, Imaginary, Argument, Magnitude and Conjugate Functions

- Fractions and Fraction Calculations

- Convert Decimals to Fractions

- Degree, Minute, Second Support

- Standard, Scientific, Engineering and Fixed Decimal Notations

- Configurable Display Precision from 0 - 12 digits

- Table of 44 Physical Constants

- 289 Conversion Units throughout 18 Categories

- Trig Functions in Degrees, Radians or Grads

- Hyperbolic Trig Functions

- Natural and Base-10 Logarithms

- Percent and Delta Percentage

- Remainder, Absolute, Ceiling and Floor operations


- Factorial

- Combinations and Permutations

- Random Number Generator

- 15 Single-Variable Statistics commands operate on all stack entries

- Quantity, Min, Max, Range, Sum, Median

- Arithmetic Mean, Geometric Mean, Mean Squared

- Sum Squared, Sum of Squares of Variance

- Sample Variance, Sample Standard Deviation

- Population Variance, Population Standard Deviation


- Binary, Octal, Decimal and Hexadecimal display and conversions

- 100 percent help for all widespread integer-sizes (8, 16, 32 and sixty four bit)

- Every integer-size is supported in both SIGNED and UNSIGNED modes

- Calculation History viewable in all 4 bases

- Cast from any integer-size to any integer-size

- Dedicated binary-bit show for all 64-bits

- Instant access to toggle any binary bit

- Bitwise logic operations AND, OR, XOR

- Bitwise shift operations (correctly differentiates between SIGNED and UNSIGNED right shifts)

- Roll Left and Right for fast number entry

- 1's and a pair of's complement. Native interpretation is 2's complement

- Byte and Word flipping

- Random Number Generator

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