Repeat Habit - Habit tracker for goals

Repeat Habit - Habit tracker for goals

By Nelzkie Labs

Repeat Habit - Habit tracker for goalsRepeat Habit - Habit tracker for goalsRepeat Habit - Habit tracker for goalsRepeat Habit - Habit tracker for goalsRepeat Habit - Habit tracker for goals

Declutter your mind

Repeat lets you concentrate on the routines you'll have to do at present. Combining both Goal tracker and habit tracker. Repeat will show your pending behavior on a given day and will solely simply focus on that given day. With that method you'll have the ability to focus extra on the duty at hand.

No more strain to do the things that you need to do.

Make yourself a better you

Do you attempt to fashioned a new habit however nonetheless slipping back to outdated bad habit? Repeat not solely shows you the task you could have to do, it will also present why you do what you do and the consequences should you fail to do it.

It offers you that alternative between the ache of discipline or the ache of failure.

Simple but elegant

Repeat comes with night and day colour scheme that's relaxing to the eye.

Start with small

It takes 70 days to type a behavior, Repeat will remind you and can notify you when you have a pending behavior on a given time.

Voice assistant

Tired of reading notification messages? Repeat comes with a voice assistant that will read your pending habit on a given time.

Empower you

Repeat will present you motto from well-known and successfull people(Jim Rohn, Les Brown, Tony robins) that can assist you push by way of the tough occasions to get you to where you want to be.


Repeat is a simple app that focuses on the core performance of a habit and aim tracker app. It's like writing your goals on a paper.

FREE and no forceful Ads

Repeat is free. The ads will not be pressure to you as a substitute, it's an possibility if you wish to allow the advertisements as a support.

How it works?

1. Take a moment to decide what goal would you like. Always bear in mind the S.M.A.R.T goal.

2. Mark the habit relying whether you do it or failed to do it

3. Don't break the chain. Keep pushing by way of.

You are what you were when. If you wish to change your life you have to begin having some targets. If you want to obtain those targets, you must get rid of the dangerous habits and type a model new one. Big targets are achieve by setting small targets. Achieving small objectives leads to huge achievement that may turn out to be your massive objective. Repeat will help you to take these small steps towards your objective.

Keep pushing through. Repeat the duty time and again till it grew to become a behavior. Once you've carried out that you now have achieve your objective. Don't break the chain be constant and soon all of your unhealthy habits will be gone. Always keep in mind Success is one thing you entice by becoming a better you, not something you pursue

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