By JPhi


A pilot logbook software program to track your flight time and limits, and more...

What can this Flight Log do ?

- Import your roster manually or via your system calendar (full compatibility with AIMS/BlueOne/RosterBuster/CrewConnect/Air France/Transavia/Iberia/Air New Zealand/AeroLogic/Ryanair)

- Fill your information as block time, flight time, plane, runway used, method kind, number of take off and landing, personnal notes, payload, fuel used and so forth...

- Includes a 15000 airports database and you can now add your own

- Night time mechanically computed

- FULL AUTO filling of your flight instances !

- Get the climate forecast on destination PRO.

- Deicing fluids Holdover Time Calculator PRO.

- Dangerous Goods and Drill Codes session from UN number PRO.

- SNOWTAM scan decoder with new format PRO.

- Weather Radar Map and Aurora predictions, Winds map, Dust/Sand map, Snow and Clear Air Turbulence map PRO

- Get the worldwide airport delay standing (departure and arrival) PRO.

- See your cosmic radiation dose for every flight, and cumulated.

- Receive notification alert for photo voltaic radiation or radio blackout hazard

- Display a 3D map of predicted Auroras (Northern Lights) PRO

- Display an Air Quality map (CO-Carbon Monoxide, Particulate matter, Ozone, Nitrate dioxide) PRO

- Analyze your alertness level along with your future flights (Three-Process Model of Alertness by Akersted) and send your flight knowledge to Jeppesen CrewAlert Pro PRO

- Delays statistical evaluation D0 D5 D15.

- Export/print your log in PDF (EASA FAA format)

- CPT : manage your Jumpseat JPS requests

- Import LogTenPro MCC Pilotlog RosterBuster Pilotlog.uk logbook any CSV file

- Show some statistics like number of flight hours per plane, complete flight hours per year/month/90 days/30 days, locations worldmap, used runway repartition...

- Auto Save your Flight Log on our servers or by yourself Dropbox (FREE) and sync seamlessly along with your other platform gadgets.

- Manage your flight limitations (next 30days preview), latest experience, certificates, Flight Time Limitation and Flight Duty Period Limitations with acclimatization (EASA and FAA), additionally with EU-OPS mixed fleet type score (A330/A350 and B777/B787).

- In order that can help you taxiing, this app can display an airport diagram (AIRPORT MOVING MAP) georeferenced, centered on your aircraft GPS location.

- During flight, calculate the dawn, sundown, moonrise, moonset instances from your GPS or handbook position PRO.

- Display inbound flight status.

- Display warning when a touchdown with solar glares is anticipated.

- Pilot Tools (True altitude with relief clearance, true airspeed calculation, METAR runway decoding, unit converter, elaborated theodolite, true RTO margin, chilly temperature correction for approach) PRO

- Operational Datas in participatory mode.

- Runway lengths.

- Country Rules and Regulation CRAR abstract PRO.

- Crew Connect : contact any crew member by flightnumber

- And for the geeks, you probably can measure the time dilation due to theory of Special relativity ;)

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