Rabit: Habit Tracker Planner

Rabit: Habit Tracker Planner

By Blu Apps

Rabit: Habit Tracker PlannerRabit: Habit Tracker PlannerRabit: Habit Tracker PlannerRabit: Habit Tracker PlannerRabit: Habit Tracker Planner

▌ Nominated for Google Play’s 2021 Best App Award

Focus in your routine Start building healthy habits

In life we can be the ones who make excuses or the ones that make a distinction. Every success story begins with a small change, with slightly seed.

Each behavior you start is a seed that you plant to build your future

The finest time to begin out was yesterday, the second best is right now.

Create new habits and reach your targets now! ?

Each day in a row you complete your habits, you get a greater Streak.

For your habits to grow and bear fruit, consistency is key.

We will at all times be with you on your journey and you will be reminded about your routine, so there is no want to worry.

Watch your little plant grow as you progress, whereas getting an even bigger Streak. However, when you fail a day and don't maintain your habit, your plant will die ):

Focus on what issues, and let's grow together

Every big tree starts with a seedling.

Plant the seed to realize your targets.

The change begins now.

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