JSON XML Tool - JSON Editor

JSON XML Tool - JSON Editor


JSON XML Tool - JSON EditorJSON XML Tool - JSON EditorJSON XML Tool - JSON EditorJSON XML Tool - JSON Editor

The JSON XML Tool app allows you to view, create and edit JSON and XML information with ease, through the use of its simple hierarchical view. The tool is beneficial for numerous scenarios, for example, it lets you edit and make sport addons. In addition, the app can be utilized for conversion between varieties, for example, loading a JSON and then saving it as an XML. Both formats are supported interchangeably by the hierarchical view, it acts as the XML viewer to display XML paperwork and as the JSON viewer to visualize JSON bushes.

Introduction to JSON XML Tool

This JSON XML Tool app could be very easy to use:

• The information could be created utilizing the JSON creator and the XML creator

• Alternatively, present knowledge may be loaded utilizing the internal JSON reader and the XML reader

• Once the data is ready, it could possibly viewed by the built-in JSON viewer and the XML viewer

• Edit the data using the JSON editor and the XML editor supplied by the app

• Save the work to a JSON / XML file or share it as textual content to your favorite textual content editor or a file reader app

The app uses the file viewer (storage browser) offered by the Storage Access Framework and doesn't require storage permissions (read-and-write access). However, the app will request storage permissions in some instances, corresponding to when a JSON / XML file was loaded using an exterior file viewer without providing correct access.

Create a JSON / XML file using this JSON Creator and XML Creator

• Create a model new file from scratch with the built-in XML / JSON creator

• Choose between object and array root element types when creating your JSON or XML files

View a JSON / XML file utilizing this JSON Viewer and XML Viewer

• Load a JSON or an XML file using the internal file picker (Storage Access Framework)

• Load a JSON or an XML file utilizing an external file picker (might require storage permissions)

• Download from the online by offering a URL

• Paste a JSON or an XML text and parse it

• Receive the textual content of the file from other file reader functions (via ACTION_SEND)

Edit a JSON / XML file utilizing this JSON Editor and XML Editor

• Add, duplicate remove JSON and XML elements

• Rename parts using the XML / JSON editor

• Modify component values with the JSON / XML editor

• Easily change between primitive worth varieties: Boolean, Number String

• Move components up down within an array

• Save as a model new JSON or an XML file, or easily overwrite the present file

Additional Features

• Dark theme support

• Share the JSON / XML textual content to an external software (via ACTION_SEND), e.g., a file reader or a textual content editor

• Preview the work as textual content while using the JSON Editor or the XML Editor

• Formatted textual content output as a substitute of a single line when exporting or saving the JSON XML data

• The app registers itself as a JSON viewer and an XML viewer upon installation

If you've any feedback or ideas relating to our JSON Editor or XML Editor, please be happy to contact us. Please share this app with your mates who may have this JSON XML Tool - JSON Reader and XML Reader app.

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