By Klaus Reger


PlanMyDay – The relaxed feeling, to know all the time, when the most important issues shall be done!

PlanMyDay allows real time scheduling, as a end result of it is more then just an activity manager. Your tasks get scheduled by their importance. Each process gets related a length, a priority and other attributes. Then all tasks may be ordered by their significance, just by altering the order.

This permits at any time an outline, which tasks could be resolved in which timeframe.

You can check within the present activity, i.e. the elapsed time is counted in realtime. At the same time, the time scheduling for the following Tasks gets repeatedly up to date. This makes PlanMyDay the proper day-planning tool. Also some customers which endure beneath ADHD use the app to avoid distractions.

Activities could be imported from Google duties and/or out of your Toodledo account, or could be entered manually.

Also events out of your calendars can be imported, to maintain this time slots free for planning.

So you have a continuous overview, how a lot time is left for the day - the right dayplanning-tool.

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Some notes in regards to the required permissions

  • Internet: Because you'll have the ability to import Tasks from Google-Tasks and Toodledo and in addition Dropbox
  • Get and manage accounts and Use Credentials:

    Simplify login to your Google-Accounts to import tasks

  • Read Calendars: Import calendar data as time, which cannot be used
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