Epic to-do list — RPG planner with reminders

Epic to-do list — RPG planner with reminders

By Alexander Kolmachikhin

Epic to-do list — RPG planner with remindersEpic to-do list — RPG planner with remindersEpic to-do list — RPG planner with remindersEpic to-do list — RPG planner with remindersEpic to-do list — RPG planner with reminders

What can I do on the Epic to-do list?

️ Plan your day by creating tasks with reminders

️ Use repetitive tasks

️ Create your abilities and enhance them

️ Get new habits utilizing Challenges

️ Install a widget with present tasks on the home screen

️ Set background music from your favorite game

️ Improve, equip, customize your hero

️ Get achievements and rewards on your activity

️ Accumulate in-game currency

️ Buy new features with in-game currency

What is gamification?

Gamification is the utilization of recreation mechanics in non-game processes.

Examples of recreation mechanics within the Epic to-do listing:

️ In-game currency - coins and crystals

️ Hero expertise and level counter

️ Rewards and achievements

️ Different problem ranges for tasks

How does gamification work?

️ Turns a boring to-do record into an epic daily planner

️ Creates immersion in day by day activities

️ Motivates to stage up your expertise and hero

️ Creates the situations to simply change your habits

Epic to-do list is designed to add gamification to your life.

To get started, you have to do 3 factors:

️ Create your hero

️ Create the abilities you want to improve

️ And create tasks related to those skills

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