Pomodoro Timer | Timebox focus

Pomodoro Timer | Timebox focus

By Dotted Circle

Pomodoro Timer | Timebox focusPomodoro Timer | Timebox focus

Want to me more focussed while doing Pomodoro is a technique is a time management methodology developed by Francesco Cirillo in the late Eighties which makes use of a timer to break down work into intervals, traditionally 25 minutes in length, separated by brief breaks.

*How to make use of the Pomodoro Timer?*

Add duties to work on today

Set estimate pomodoros (1 = 25min of work) for every tasks

Select a process to work on

Start timer and concentrate on the duty for 25 minutes

Take a break for 5 minutes when the alarm ring

Iterate 3-5 until you finish the tasks


- Pomodoro Timer:Stay targeted and get more things carried out.

- Pause and resume Pomodoro

- Customizable pomodoro/breaks lengths

- Notification before the tip of a Pomodoro

- Support for brief and long breaks

- Skip a break after the end of a Pomodoro

- Continuous Mode

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