3Cats Clock Widget   Seconds

3Cats Clock Widget Seconds

By 3Cats Software

3Cats Clock Widget   Seconds3Cats Clock Widget   Seconds3Cats Clock Widget   Seconds3Cats Clock Widget   Seconds

The lightest clock on the market!


- clear color home-screen widget with custom launcher

- seconds and blinking

- 24 or 12-hour clock (AM/PM)

- date and day of the week display

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This is the new version of the 3Cats Clock with Seconds. It has been fastened and now the widget works on every device reliably and with minimal useful resource usage. Long-tap to resize the widget, the text won't change measurement but it is going to be centered.

* Do you understand the difference between an Icon and a Widget?

If your widget appears too small, would not work or you possibly can't change the colour, double check that you just're really adding the Widget and not an Icon on your house screen before score 1-star!

** Clock Widget falls behind or stops?

Maybe system is killing it for battery optimization. Try the Keep Alive possibility.

*** Clock Widget nonetheless falls behind or stops?

If 3Cats Clock must run at all cost, strive the Foreground option. It will use a Foreground Service with Notification.

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