Exposure Calculator - Donate

Exposure Calculator - Donate

By Quicosoft

Exposure Calculator - DonateExposure Calculator - DonateExposure Calculator - DonateExposure Calculator - DonateExposure Calculator - Donate

This is precisely the same app as the free one. If you haven't tried that one yet, please set up it and take it for a spin. Afterwards, should you think it's worth 3 Euros, feel free to return back here and set up this one.

Given an exposure (Aperture, Shutter speed, ISO), allows calculating equal exposures - set 2 new parameters (a combination of Aperture, Shutter and ISO) and the third parameter is routinely calculated.

It is also potential to add 1 to three ND filters of up to 30 stops each to the calculations, handy for those long exposure images to blur water and clouds.

The app also includes a timer for exposures of 4 seconds or longer.

Main features:

 • calculates Shutter, Aperture or ISO

 • aperture range from f1.0 to f360

 • shutter range from 480s to 1/16,000s

 • ISO range from ISO 0.4 to ISO 3.2M

 • ND filter up to 30 stops, in 1, half or 1/3 stop increments

 • as much as 3 stacked ND filters

 • ND filter modes: stop, density, ND number

 • bulb mode (up to 24h)

 • reverse filter search mode

 • ND filter calibration mode

 • timer for exposures of 4s or longer with alarm

 • night time mode with 4 overlay colors

 • optionally available compensation wheel to account for reciprocity failure

 • limitless variety of presets

 • free and ad free

 • privacy - the app does not acquire any private data


 • management vibrator: to vibrate after the timer expires

 • read exterior storage: to enable deciding on a custom ringtone stored on the SD card to be performed when the timer expires

A evaluation of the app is on the market on this blog submit: http://www.craigrogers.photography/?p=2548

Note: within the Shutter settings part there's a change tor digicam sort. This change merely selects how a small set of shutter speeds around 1 second are displayed, choose the one your digital camera adheres to. Exposure calculations work for all digital camera makes, this change is just for show purposes.

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