Depth of Field (Hyperfocal, Limits of Sharpness)

Depth of Field (Hyperfocal, Limits of Sharpness)

By PixelProse SARL

Depth of Field (Hyperfocal, Limits of Sharpness)Depth of Field (Hyperfocal, Limits of Sharpness)Depth of Field (Hyperfocal, Limits of Sharpness)Depth of Field (Hyperfocal, Limits of Sharpness)Depth of Field (Hyperfocal, Limits of Sharpness)

Depth of Field (DOF) is the vary of distance in a photograph that appears to be in sharp focus ... Depth of subject is a creative choice and one of your most essential decisions when composing nature pictures.

This Depth of Field calculator allows you to calculate :

• Near limit of acceptable sharpness

• Far limit of acceptable sharpness

• Total depth of area length

• Hyperfocal distance

The calculation depends on :

• Camera model or Circle of Confusion

• Lens focal length (ex: 50mm)

• Aperture / f-stop (ex: f/1.8)

• Distance to Subject

Depth of Field definition :

Given a critical focus achieved for the aircraft positioned at the Subject distance, the Depth of Field is the extended area in front of and behind that plane that can appear reasonably sharp. It could possibly be thought of as a region of adequat focus.

Hyperfocal Distance definition :

Hyperfocal distance is the lowest Subject distance for a given camera setting (aperture, focal length) for which Depth of Field extends to infinity.

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