Corcanoe GPS Tracker Locator

Corcanoe GPS Tracker Locator

By Corcanoe

Corcanoe GPS Tracker LocatorCorcanoe GPS Tracker LocatorCorcanoe GPS Tracker LocatorCorcanoe GPS Tracker LocatorCorcanoe GPS Tracker Locator

Locate your family and grandparents, your youngsters and your cars. View their tracked place on a map in your gadget.

Receive notification ALERTS once they enter or exit an area, when they're out of battery, when they flip their devices on or off...

This app is designed to be put in in Android devices, cell telephones or cellphones to regulate different Android devices (like your children, your previous grandparents, your car...) utilizing a little or no quantity of battery of the cellular phone.

It is ideal for the entire family, your youngsters, in your family members with Alzheimer and all your friends. The GPS and the Network location will find them rapidly. Use these apps as a Family Finder or as a Friends Finder.

You may create different circles like Family Circle, Friends Circle, Work Circle...

You are ready to choose when you share your place to any of these Circles. For example, do not share your place with your youngsters however share it with your folks.

You can configure the Tracker to set the quantity of minutes between intervals. It is sensible enough to detect adjustments, like for instance when leaving the house it's going to inform instantly.

This app is able to set a quantity of ALERTS to inform you about totally different occasions on the controlled customers. This alerts can be:


Display a notification when entering and/or exiting from particular areas of the map. This means you'll know if your managed customers are at home, out of house, close to a casino, at school, at the bars space, at work, within the hospital, too distant from home, out of the neighborhood… Define as many geofences as you need.

Power on/off:

Display a notification when the controlled users flip their gadgets on. You are also in a place to know if they flip them off (this is dependent upon other factors).


Display a notification when the managed person gets to a minimal of battery. This way they will by no means be out of battery. You will have the ability to tell them ahead of time.

This app is ideal for elder folks with Alzheimer, outdated grandfather, for younger youngsters, for your family, on your associates... to control cellular cell-phones, for your truck or taxi company, to search out out the position the place you parked the automobile...

It is nice additionally should you, or your child, or grandpa or any good friend loses their device. You will be able to track it and have it back to you. So it really works very properly for anti theft.

It uses the GPS and the Network Location of the cell cell-phone.

You want to install this app in the controlled units.

Do not hesitate to ask for any info you need at [email protected]

I might be happy that can help you and your family with this Family GPS Finder.

This Software has been developed for you, so ask for any suggestions if you have them.

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