Chordbot Lite

Chordbot Lite

By Contrasonic AB

Chordbot LiteChordbot LiteChordbot LiteChordbot LiteChordbot Lite

Chordbot is a music app that lets you create and play advanced chord progressions rapidly and simply.

Use it to:

* Experiment with superior chord progressions without devices or fingering charts.

* Create customisable backing tracks for instrument practice periods.

* Rearrange new or current songs with different devices and comping patterns.

* Experiment with music concept with out having to grasp an instrument first.


* Add some interesting chords

* Select a couple of devices patterns

* Hit play. Fiddle around with chords and preparations in real-time until you discover something you like

* Export as MIDI, refine in DAW, launch track, profit (optional)

Key options:

* 60 chord types in all keys and inversions

* 400 dynamically mixable instrument tracks

* Key/inversion/root note control

* Support for music sections with separate arrangements/mixer settings

* Song-O-Matic - Automatic music generator with pop, jazz and experimental profiles

* MIDI/WAV export (only in Chordbot Pro)

This is a free analysis model of the complete version of Chordbot. It has all the options of the paid model however saving/exporting is disabled. Try this version first and upgrade to the total version if you like what you see/hear.

See for more data and audio demos.

Please report all bugs to:

[email protected]

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Chordbot is a music app that permits you to create and play complex chord progressions shortly and simply.Use it to:* Experiment with superior chord progressions without devices or fingering charts.* Create customisable backing tracks for instrument practice periods.