Epilepsy Journal

Epilepsy Journal

By Olly Tree Applications

Epilepsy JournalEpilepsy JournalEpilepsy JournalEpilepsy JournalEpilepsy Journal

Epilepsy Journal is an app which permits you to quickly document daily variables regarding your epilepsy, corresponding to seizure triggers, varieties and so forth. The info you present is organized into straightforward to read graphs which allow for fast visualization of your particular person epilepsy tendencies and patterns additional time. This app can serve as a priceless communication aid, by permitting you to generate an easy and skilled report which can be shared together with your physicians.

In basic, we hope that this App will allow you to:

1) monitor epilepsy developments and patterns over time

2) objectively decide effectiveness of your epilepsy remedies

3) improve success of medical doctors appointments

Epilepsy is a persistent neurological dysfunction which impacts 1 in 26 people worldwide. It can have a relapsing, remitting, and unpredictable course. Treatment of epilepsy may be irritating, and has been accurately known as being much like the popular “whack a mole” game. Whether your epilepsy is mild or severe, refractory or managed, it's crucial to objectively and consistently monitor sure components such as variety of seizures, seizure triggers, AED drug or ketone ranges, and other very important info. Keeping a detailed epilepsy journal will allow you to rapidly discover any adjustments to your epilepsy, as nicely as give you impartial proof as to whether your epilepsy therapy is actually effective or dropping effectiveness over time.

App Features:

- Easy to use

- Record seizure particulars (as much or as little as you like)

- Visual representation of knowledge

- Generate reports

- Keep monitor of medicines with reminders

- Customizable to suit your particular person epilepsy

- Track out of your Wear OS watch

Our Story/ Mission:

Our daughter Olivia is our inspiration for this app. Olivia has a refractory and extreme epilepsy which started at age 1. Once Olivia´s epilepsy started we had been suggested by our physicians to keep a written epilepsy journal, so as to monitor tendencies and therapy response overtime. Although the journal was useful in permitting us to objectively monitor the effectiveness of her epilepsy therapies, it was very time consuming and tended to be disorganized; As well, the hundreds of pages of notes didn't assist us when it grew to become most important to quickly and precisely summarize months worth of seizure historical past, (for instance during emergency hospital visits or comply with up appointments). During our experience navigating the neurology health care system, we found accurate and efficient communication to be a key factor in efficiently working with docs and achieving best seizure control.

We created this app as a free and easy approach to monitor your epilepsy; observe developments and patterns, objectively determine effectiveness of seizure remedy overtime, and enhance success of medical doctors appointments.

Since epilepsy contains dozens of ever changing variables, we determined to arrange knowledge into simple visuals which reveal seizure trends and patterns over a time span of months to years.

Our epilepsy journal allows you to rapidly document all of the necessary variables concerning your epilepsy, and to generate a simple and straightforward to read report to print out or e-mail your doctors.

We hope that this app enables you to grasp a greater understanding of your personal individual epilepsy, and that it empowers you as an efficient communicator and advocate inside your epilepsy health care group.

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