BP Journal: Blood Pressure Log

BP Journal: Blood Pressure Log

By Jason O

BP Journal: Blood Pressure LogBP Journal: Blood Pressure LogBP Journal: Blood Pressure LogBP Journal: Blood Pressure LogBP Journal: Blood Pressure Log

BP Journal app serves as a companion app to your home blood strain monitor. The app lets you log your blood pressure readings, view trends, and send reports to your doctor or skilled healthcare supplier. With multi-profile assist, track blood stress of other members of your family too.

Note: This app DOES NOT measure blood pressure. To measure blood strain reliably, use a clinically-validated blood strain monitor (with an inflatable cuff).


● Log blood stress and pulse readings using fast keyboard information entry

● Understand what the numbers mean and monitor blood strain developments with statistics and interactive charts

● Send blood strain PDF reports to your physician/doctor

● Set up reminders to take blood pressure measurements or medication

● Export or import blood pressure information in CSV format for simple knowledge interchange with other purposes e.g. Microsoft Excel

● Manage blood strain records of a quantity of profiles (great for caregivers)

● Support for frequent blood stress classification pointers (ACC/AHA, ESC/ESH, JNC7, Hypertension Canada, WHO/ISH, NICE, and more)

● Keep your knowledge secure with automated backups to Google Drive

● Configurable measurement units

● Dark theme option

● Comprehensive on-line consumer guide

Privacy note

Your privateness is important to us. Your health knowledge isn't shared outside of the app with out your consent.

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