DocCalc - Medical Calculator

DocCalc - Medical Calculator

By Medtouch Software Médico Inteligente

DocCalc - Medical CalculatorDocCalc - Medical CalculatorDocCalc - Medical CalculatorDocCalc - Medical CalculatorDocCalc - Medical Calculator

After months of analysis, DOCCALC, your medical calculator, arrives on the market!

ALL THE CALCULATIONS utilized in every day medical practice!

There are more than 300 medical calculations, with algorithms, scores, unit converters, classifications, formulas, diagnostic criteria and predictions…

All in a single application organized to make your life easier!

For better usability, calculations are divided into categories or could be found by way of the search bar.

Explanations and/or bibliographic references concerning the calculations, to ensure the origin and reliability of each info.

Among the greater than 300 calculations within the utility, there are:

- Diagnostic Algorithms (Appendicitis, Conjunctivitis, Diabetes Mellitus, Pharyngitis, Ectopic Pregnancy, ARDS...)

- Diagnostic Criteria (endocarditis, chronic fatigue syndrome, carpal tunnel syndrome)

- Prognostic Criteria (APACHE II, CVA, Atrial Fibrillation, pancreatitis, pneumonia...)

General calculations (anion hole, body floor space, crea clearance tinine, electrolyte correction, basal energy expenditure, body mass index, volume alternative...)

- Pediatric nomograms (height, weight, head circumference...)

- Surgical Risk (in cardiac and non-cardiac surgeries)

It is the most complete Brazilian software of its sort, with the quality and reliability that are hallmarks of MEDTOUCH!



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