Contraction Timer for labor(Checker/Tracker)

Contraction Timer for labor(Checker/Tracker)

By Sul-A-AB

Contraction Timer for labor(Checker/Tracker)Contraction Timer for labor(Checker/Tracker)Contraction Timer for labor(Checker/Tracker)Contraction Timer for labor(Checker/Tracker)Contraction Timer for labor(Checker/Tracker)

Contractions Timer is a complement to the existing different contraction timer app inconveniences.

When shrinking or painful, come begin timer. we'll analyze the information and inform you if it's harmful.


1. Pain enter function

-. Provides 10-step pain input using ache evaluation scale.

2. Modifications/additions

-. Provides modifications/additions for previous Contractions.

3. Easy input function

-. Easy input through Notification bar.

4. Function to gauge the risk

-. Provides 5 levels of threat data by analyzing information.

5. Contraction frequency chart

-. Provides a chart of the frequency of contraction over time.

6. True/False labor check(Only when the app is operating.)

-. Notification, when in case your contractions is true labor.

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