GPS Speedometer: Speed Tracker, HUD, Odometer

GPS Speedometer: Speed Tracker, HUD, Odometer

By KTW Apps

GPS Speedometer: Speed Tracker, HUD, OdometerGPS Speedometer: Speed Tracker, HUD, OdometerGPS Speedometer: Speed Tracker, HUD, OdometerGPS Speedometer: Speed Tracker, HUD, OdometerGPS Speedometer: Speed Tracker, HUD, Odometer

This is a GPS Speedometer and Odometer app that measure the velocity of all type of transportation in kph(kilometer per hour), mph(miles per hour), knot or m/s in real time.

Did you ever questioning how fast is the bus journey ? What is the vehicle's speed whilst you on the train? This gauge speedometer or pace tracker will show the speed in actual time regardless you journey in a train, automotive, bike , skateboard, boat, airplane so long as your phone obtain fair amount of GPS sign. Beside, it is a good velocity meter apps in case your have a damaged car speedometer. You could use this gauge speedometer, speed tester, GPS tracker, mph meter or velocity tracker for short-term alternative.

HUD Feature for automotive velocity tracker(kph meter) :

The HUD stands for Head up display which is a really useful function whenever you driving in automobile at night. HUD function is a function that show the automotive pace meter in kph or mph on the windshield by reflecting the light of your telephone. Now you can hold your eye on the road and speed monitoring in kmh or mph at the similar time.

This is a kph meter, mph meter, speed meter, odometer, speedometer, velocity tracker or identify it whatever you want .

Car or bike speedometer notice:

This gauge speedometer and odometer(mileage) app(speed app, kmh meter) is rely upon the gadget GPS. Make sure you enable the GPS speedometer and odometer app use the cellphone location service. Apart from that be sure the gadget's GPS is flip to obtain any update prematurely.

Key Feature:

• Speed in actual time

• Simple and clean UI(Nice car velocity meter look)

• Suitable for bicycle(bike pace meter)

• Distance meter/Odometer(mileage meter)

• HUD feature

• Simple and sensible automotive velocity meter app widget

• Speed restrict alert

• Day and night time mode

• Trip history

• Support 6 resolution of gauge speedometer and odometer app/mph or kmh meter

• Support 4 pace unit(kmh, mph, knots, meter per second)

• Support 5 distance unit(km, mile, ft, yard, meter)

What are you waiting for? Start obtain our car speedometer and odometer, mph meter, kmh meter, automobile pace meter, bike meter, speed tracker or name it whatever you want app now!

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