GPS Coordinates Converter Lite

GPS Coordinates Converter Lite

By Mystic Mobile Apps GPS Tools

GPS Coordinates Converter LiteGPS Coordinates Converter LiteGPS Coordinates Converter LiteGPS Coordinates Converter LiteGPS Coordinates Converter Lite

This application permits you to learn geographical coordinates in 4 formats simultaneously. We are in a place to show coordinates in 4 formats on one screen:

-DMS Degrees, minutes, seconds

-DDM Degrees and decimal minutes

-DD Decimal degrees

-UTM Universal Transverse Mercator

Additional data that is displayed is altitude and GPS accuracy. Altitude is measured using three sources:

-GPS receiver

-Network API

-built-in barometer sensor

Using the info, we are able to display your position on Google maps.

One of the most useful options is being ready to take a photograph with GPS coordinates overlayed on it. If you don’t wish to take a picture, it can save you your location by adding it to your locations. In saved areas, you can find saved photos as nicely as saved locations. Data history is recorded chronologically.

The S.O.S functionality permits you to rapidly ship your GPS coordinates and a Google Maps hyperlink by SMS to offered phone number(s) in settings. We can moreover provide textual content content material that will seem in a message.

On the principle display screen as properly as the historical past screen, you can share your GPS coordinates with your buddies by way of your social media profile, messenger apps or e mail.

In settings you'll have the ability to manage things like:

-GPS data refresh rate interval (the more often the more battery life)

-at what distance the GPS data ought to be refreshed (the more typically the extra battery life)

-altitude units

-accuracy units

-speed units

-if saved photographs also needs to be saved in your phones gallery

-text position and shade in photos


The utility contains commercials, when you don’t wish to see the ads or GPS information from plugged in, extra precise GPS receivers corresponding to GARMIN GLO, GLO2, you should buy a subscription. By plugging into exterior GPS services, accuracy of the acquired measurements will increase to 0.3m.


The accuracy of the applying is determined by the sensitivity of the GPS receiver constructed into the telephone. In most instances, the GPS modules embedded within the phone provide an accuracy of - 10 m. GPS sensitivity also is decided by the place of measurement:

Inferior measurements typically inside buildings, between buildings and in unhealthy climate.

Better in the open air, underneath a transparent sky.

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