Flat Earth

Flat Earth

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Flat EarthFlat EarthFlat EarthFlat EarthFlat Earth

Flat Earth is an software that show Sun, moon ,earth and 4 extra celestial our bodies actual time at any date and time as in actuality on a flat and easy geocentric presentation. The Application comes with many helpful features including:

- Moon phases, sun and earth are rendered actual time.

- Overhead positions for Sun, moon , Venus and 4 more celestial bodies(Pro) at any given time occasion.

- Accurate moon dimension calculations (Lunar Perigee and Apogee). (Pro)

- Local and regular Compass, and directions for the present sky place for all the obtainable celestial our bodies.

- Altitude , azimuth and present zenith position are featured and simply accessible for all the available celestial bodies for any given time instant.

- The cycle of day and night and seasons for any explicit time instant at a very excessive accuracy.

- Day mild protection visualization over earth for any explicit time prompt at a very excessive accuracy.

- Simple and consumer friendly interface.

- The rise and set instances for any location on earth for all available celestial our bodies.

- All time zones are included without the need to hook up with the web.

- Moon Orientation at any date and time and at any location (Beta).

- Unique native climate forecast with a unique time controller. (Pro)

- Precise Moon Size indicator (Lunar Perigee and Apogee) at any Time and Date. (Pro)

- Unlimited Moon, Sun and Earth Data at ANY date and time. (Pro)

- Lunar Events calendar for moon phases and moon size. Each Event is at a exact time and date for any given year. (Pro)

- The capability to take and share a excessive resolution shot.

- Custom Notification at any date and time.

- You can run the app as a stay wallpaper.

Once you start the appliance, you'll be instantly informed about time, the current overhead position of the sun and moon, the current part of the moon and extra. With one touch you possibly can rotate clockwise or counter clockwise to maneuver time to the longer term or to the previous and see where the sun/moon should be or how moon part modifications according to the change of time, or you'll have the ability to choose any date and time and get all the relevant information of that date and time . Also you can set the app as a reside wallpaper when you do not wish to run the app each time, You can take a seize and reserve it on gallery or share it with a friend.

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Flat Earth is an application that display Sun, moon ,earth and 4 extra celestial bodies real time at any date and time as in actuality on a flat and easy geocentric presentation. The Application comes with many useful features together with:- Moon phases, sun and earth are rendered rea...