Moon Phase Calendar - MoonX

Moon Phase Calendar - MoonX

By Yauheni Yarotski

Moon Phase Calendar - MoonXMoon Phase Calendar - MoonXMoon Phase Calendar - MoonXMoon Phase Calendar - MoonXMoon Phase Calendar - MoonX

Imagine you would have a chunk of house right in your pocket and have entry to probably the most accurate data and most precise data in regards to the Moon and its influence on all spheres of life.

This utility is designed to assist you find simple solutions to complicated questions that you might have. If you find inspiration and beauty in the sky above you, our software is the proper one for you as we've worked tirelessly to give you the best experience.

Always concentrate on Moon Phases and Lunar Days, as properly as the Current look of Luna,

Check out the Actual Moon phase, Void of Course Moon, Actual Moon age and Actual Moon day,

Have enjoyable telling everybody the exact Current distance to the Moon and Real-time Moon knowledge,

Keep track of the proportion of moonlight and Moon and Sun Rise and Set times,

Schedule a date with the help of the Moon Compass pointing to the Moon,

On a cloudy evening, at all times have access to the Live Moon and Moon view for any date,

With the MoonX software you will have a Complete Moon Phase Calendar with daily suggestions and recommendation in your pocket.

Set up useful notifications for upcoming Moon phases and lunar events and

Check the present Moon and Zodiac Sign in the Notification Center Widget,

Receive information updates to have the most actual information.

Plan your upcoming month based mostly on the Actual Lunar zodiac signal and

Follow Moon Calendar for previous and future occasions,

Select your most popular Zodiac method and learn its which means.

Get impressed by Affirmations and share essentially the most real ones in Instagram tales,

Dive deeper in Affirmations and acquire a better understanding of their meaning with flip screens,

Practice the advice prepared particularly For You and watch your life enhance every day,

Be the primary one to find out about Moon occasions with the News section.

Select your most well-liked location and see all Moon traits in any spot on the Globe.

Save the Moon image to your digicam roll and share the present Moon with explanations.

Enjoy the full set of MoonX features on iPhone and iPad.

Check out the total list of MoonX features:

• Complete Moon Calendar

• Lifestyle calendar

• Moon Phases and Lunar Days

• Actual Moon part, Moon day and age

• Void of Course Moon

• Affirmations and Meditations

• Informational articles on the Moon Energy

• Birth Chart

• Moon and Sun zodiac signs

• Moon appearance for any date

• Moon and Sun Rise and Set time

• Customized Notifications of upcoming Moon phases and lunar events

• Various Widgets with Moon Data

• Real-time Moon data

• Moon Compass pointing at the Moon

• Live Moon

• Vast sharing options

• Synchronization with social networks

• Family subscription

• Localization

• Variety of astronomical data

• Variety of cell platforms support

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