Lucky Farmer's Calendar

Lucky Farmer's Calendar

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Lucky Farmer's CalendarLucky Farmer's CalendarLucky Farmer's CalendarLucky Farmer's CalendarLucky Farmer's Calendar

Kaiyun peasant calendar refers to ancient books, and extracts the pink paper books of major selection halls to offer essentially the most correct lunar calendar-perpetual calendar content.

The Lucky Farmer Calendar provides four functions

1. Lunar calendar: together with every day solar terms, festivals, reminders, taboos, Chongsha, auspicious gods, evil gods, 5 parts, and Peng Zubai Taboo, fetal god occupying place, good and unhealthy time.

How to make use of: Swipe left and right to change the month; swipe up and down to vary the yr.

2. Zodiac date question: You can choose the class and the date range of the question.

3. Teach you to understand the peasant calendar: In the quickest means, explain the phrases commonly used within the almanac.

4. The climate forecast for the following week should be related to the Internet.

This program includes conventional and simplified Chinese variations, suitable for cellphones and pill computers, supplies a whole peasant calendar (almanac), and uses a easy interface for customers to easily examine the zodiac.

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