By JHJ Consulting


A few years ago, my household bought a large freezer so we might purchase more economically and cook, among other things. in bigger portions. All just nice. BUT after half a year, I became in doubt about what was actually longer in the freezer. Busy on an everyday basis, purchasing on the finest way residence from work - we all know it.

Then I made a list in Excel - then I had control of my freezer once more, BUT after a brief time I could now not see the print of the contents of my freezer - the listing was stuffed with underlines and additions.

So I had to periodically enter the computer, first decipher my corrected listing after which customise my Excel sheet.

- and I forgot it every time I went shopping .

Now I'm so fortunate to be married to a professional IT nerd, so after a few years I asked cautiously:

“You make so many complicated programs and apps on your customers ”

” Maybe you might make some system so I can see on my mobile what I truly have in the freezer? ”

I'm tired of having to enter my PC every time I actually have to see what I even have in the freezer and proper the printed listing, etc.

It grew to become the app My Freezer. With it on your cellphone, you all the time have management of:

- What you've in your freezer

- How long the goods have been in the freezer

- About the item was frozen or fresh when it was put in

- What you might be lacking in your freezer

- and not least, you always have it all in your mobile,

whenever you're out buying

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