Stop Smoking - EasyQuit

Stop Smoking - EasyQuit

By Mario Herzberg (Hanna)

Stop Smoking - EasyQuitStop Smoking - EasyQuitStop Smoking - EasyQuitStop Smoking - EasyQuitStop Smoking - EasyQuit

EasyQuit is an utility that can assist you break your smoking habit.

It has a stop smoking slowly mode, scientific health statistics, cash saved, motivational badges and lots of extra options.

Motivational Health Section

★ Countdown timer to look at all features of your health enhance because of your nice decision to cease this dangerous behavior of smoking.

Stop Smoking Slowly Mode

★ You cant stop smoking now as a outcome of the nicotine dependance is just too strong? no problem!

Easy Quit has a whole Slow Mode that can help you quit smoking slowly.

It will create a customized plan for you to turn out to be smoke free with no pain or stress. It additionally has up to 5 reminders that can assist you stick to the quitting plan and efficiently stop your nicotine habit.

Money Statistics

★ Watch your pockets develop and see how a lot cash you saved by not smoking any cigarettes.

★ Set a pleasant treat for your self let the app allow you to see how lengthy until you reach it. This will inspire you and assist you to stay smoke free.

Cravings Trigger Statistics

★ Pie Chart displaying you the breakdown of your top triggers that will assist you eliminate your cravings fasters.

Matching-Pairs Game

★ Have an urge to smoke a cigarette? Let EasyQuit help you by offering a cool recreation of Matching-Pairs with stunning icons to cross the scientifically confirmed 3 minute mark beat your urge to smoke a cigarette.


★ Earn 100 completely different badges as rewards and use them as a motivational device. They also can allow you to stay sturdy towards the nicotine dependancy when you share your progress with your friends through the screenshot option provided by EasyQuit.


★ Personalise EasyQuit by choosing any of the 30 stunning themes offered.

Personal Motivations

★ Get much more personal by creating your individual motivations and have the appliance randomly remind you of them to maintain you constructive and assist you to stay on track.

High Level of Privacy

★ No log in, no assortment or selling of your delicate data like email, password or contacts. Your information is saved domestically on your telephone.

Beautiful Design

★ Beautiful original design according to the trendy google material design guidelines.

★ 2 Awesome widgets to placed on your house screen and at all times see the money you saved time passed because you stopped smoking.

I hope my give up smoking app helps you turn into a non smoker eternally and free you of this dangerous behavior. So don't wait, stop now or use stop smoking slowly mode and let EasyQuit help you turn out to be a more healthy and happier individual :)

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