White Noise Deep Sleep Sounds

White Noise Deep Sleep Sounds

By Slumber

White Noise Deep Sleep SoundsWhite Noise Deep Sleep SoundsWhite Noise Deep Sleep SoundsWhite Noise Deep Sleep SoundsWhite Noise Deep Sleep Sounds

Say goodbye to sleepless nights and fussy infants. White Noise and Deep Sleep Sounds will lull you or your youngster to sleep with calming and stress-free sounds. Download the app today and sleep like a child tonight!

White Noise and Deep Sleep Sounds helps adults sleep by:

- Blocking out undesirable noises

- Forming a sleep affiliation that cues you to fall asleep

- Helping you are feeling calm, relaxed, and soothed.

White Noise and Deep Sleep Sounds helps babies sleep by:

- Providing “whooshy” noises that simulate the setting of the womb

- Forming a sleep affiliation that cues your baby to fall asleep

- Engaging your baby’s calming reflex, permitting child to sleep longer

- Blocking exterior noises which will wake your baby

- Creating a well-known routine that will help the baby really feel protected even in new surroundings.

White Noise and Deep Sleep Sounds help you study and focus by:

- Improving your focus and boosting your creativity by preventing outside distractions while forming a cocoon of concentration.

- Create a pleasing and zen-like setting for meditation.

Try the “magic” app that has people saying goodbye to that third cup of coffee and hiya to candy dreams! With over 25 soothing sounds, White Noise and Deep Sleep Sounds is healthier than an actual sound machine. Our sounds are professionally recorded to add the proper background noise or ambiance to your bed room or nursery. Don't bother lugging an actual sound machine when all you want is your phone or tablet.

White Noise and Deep Sleep Sounds includes the next sounds free of charge:

Air Conditioner

Air Filter


Shush or Shh

Clothes Dryer


Vacuum Cleaner

Airplane Cabin

Driving in the Rain

Fog Horns


Birds and Chimes


Croaking Frogs

Light Rain

Medium Rain

Rain on Tent

Distant Thunder

Rolling Thunder

Ocean Waves

Winter Wind

Roaring Fire

Brown Noise

Pink Noise

White Noise

Go beyond commonplace free white noise with the Premium version, which includes 23 sounds of animals and nature, with over eight binaural recordings which create an enhanced 3D stereo sound!

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