Period Assistant

Period Assistant

By FunMkr Team

Period AssistantPeriod AssistantPeriod AssistantPeriod Assistant

Menstrual management device specifically designed for ladies. The forecast is correct, the report is convenient, and there are graphical statistical info to help you perceive yourself higher.

It can be a girl’s calendar, with menstrual cycles, ovulation durations, ovulation days, protected periods, fertile durations, and so forth., colour marked and clear at a glance.

According to scientific predictions and considerate reminders, help you put together or forestall being pregnant. No longer embarrassing throughout menstrual period time.

Features and capabilities:

* The beautiful interactive interface is designed for the attractive you

* The main panel integrates varied reminders of the menstrual cycle, easy and clear

* The main panel records instantly, which is very convenient

* The calendar uses quite a lot of shade markings, allowing you to know clearly and prepare reasonably

* The calendar web page can report for each day and display marks

* Can document circulate, mood and customary menstrual symptoms

* Each menstrual cycle is clearly displayed in a list, and a mean value is supplied. Use statistics to assist you better understand your menstrual period

* You can set to turn on or off menstrual reminder

* You can turn on the password safety perform to protect privacy

* Support account login

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