Lose Weight in 30 days - Home Workout for women

Lose Weight in 30 days - Home Workout for women

By Visionary Labs

Lose Weight in 30 days - Home Workout for womenLose Weight in 30 days - Home Workout for womenLose Weight in 30 days - Home Workout for womenLose Weight in 30 days - Home Workout for womenLose Weight in 30 days - Home Workout for women

Lose Weight in 30 days - Home Workout for ladies helps you tone butt, burn stomach fats, slim legs, trim waistline and get in good shape. Follow the home exercise sets to really feel the burn.

Home Workout for girls presents 100 percent home workout surroundings the place no different equipment is needed that will help you maintain in good condition.

Don't have to go to fitness center, no tools wanted, just use your body weight and take a couple of minutes a day, Lose Weight in 30 days - Home Workout for ladies will greatly assist you to keep health and shed weight successfully.

Lose Weight in 30 days - Home Workout for girls App Features :

- Suitable for all levels, from novices to advance training

- Quick and efficient workouts maximize fats burning and lose belly fats at home

- All in a single girls particular workout without no equipment

- Track you progress with ease, complete workout sessions

- You also can create your own training and exercise sets

- Sound information will allow you to to determine relaxation and exercise timings

- Home Fitness Workout, No Equipment, Daily Home Workout

- Customize Workout reminder notification

- Butt exercises, Belly fat burning exercises, girls fitness

Customize your training units:

Adductor Stretch, Basic Crunches, Bench Dips, Bicycle, Bicycle Crunches, Butt Bridge, Claps Over the Head, Donkey Kick Left, Donkey Kick Right, Flutter Kicks, High Knees, Led Extensions, Leg Raise, Leg Up Crunches, Lunges, Mountain Climbers, Pile Squat, Plank, Plank With Leg Lift, Side Plank, Side leg Lift Right, Side leg Lift left, Straight-Arm Plank, Swimmer and superman, V Crunches and Wall Push Up.

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