Moonbook-Menstrual assistant

Moonbook-Menstrual assistant

By 偲来方

Moonbook-Menstrual assistantMoonbook-Menstrual assistantMoonbook-Menstrual assistantMoonbook-Menstrual assistant

A period management tool specifically designed for women. Accurate predictions, convenient recording, and graphical statistical info that will assist you understand your self higher.

This can be a feminine calendar. The menstrual cycle, ovulation period, ovulation day, secure interval, fertile interval, etc., are marked with colors and clear at a look.

According to scientific predictions and thoughtful reminders, allow you to prepare or prevent being pregnant. No longer embarrassing during menstrual interval time.

Features and capabilities:

* The exquisite interactive interface is designed for the gorgeous you

* The major panel integrates various reminders of the menstrual cycle, that are simple and clear at a glance

* The calendar uses quite lots of colour markings, permitting you to understand clearly and arrange reasonably

* At the calendar page, you can make information for each day and display marks

* Records include bleeding quantity, 22 common menstrual symptoms, and private records

* Display the menstrual cycle in the form of a chart and provide an average worth to help you better understand your menstrual situation

* Menstrual reminder, fertility reminder and ovulation day reminder may be set separately

* You can turn on the password safety perform to protect privacy

* Support account login

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